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When your new home is custom-built by Menard Builders, you'll have the opportunity to choose the products and components used in your home.  As a Menard customer, you'll have great flexibility and control, and your range of choices are limited only to your imagination in terms of the items and features that are integrated into your new home.

Menard Builders works on a "cost and fee" basis.  Everything is done in an open approach—you get to see all of the costs that go into construction your home—and we are paid a fee based on a percentage of the overall cost of your project.  This method allows you to have control and influence over what goes into your home, which will directly affect the overall costs.  That way, it's possible to make adjustments in product and component choices that could help enhance affordability.

Menard Builders continually strives to improve our performance, and make each new project an outstanding one.  We provide top-notch workmanship, both from our perspective and yours.  Most importantly, we make every effort to create the whole experience of building a home a pleasant, satisfying one for you. 

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Menard Builders is a custom residential home builder serving the Southeast Michigan area.  Before, during, and after the construction process, our object is to provide you with the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Our long standing relationships with many of our subcontractors and vendors, who are also small businesses, like us, helps to strengthen the building process, which allows for the quality and attention to detail on your home being second to none.

Menard Builders has entered the arena of “green” building.  “Green” building is the practice of applying environmentally sensitive design and construction techniques to reduce energy and water consumption, all the while improving residential comfort and safety.  A “green building” is one that uses energy and materials more effectively both in construction and operation while polluting and damaging natural systems as little as possible.

 When you select Menard Builders to construct your home, the outcome of your project is limited only by your imagination in the design, style, and features of your “dream home.”  Every Menard-built home is truly custom-built to fulfill your dreams and expectations.  Call us to set up an appointment to discuss building the home you’ve always wanted.  Because at Menard Builders, you not only imagine the possibilities, you actually live them.

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